5 Ways to Nail a Video Recorded Interview


You’ve done it, you’ve landed a job interview - Congrats! Now you get a chance to let your personality shine. There’s only one issue though, it’s a video recorded interview. The idea of being filmed for a job interview can be overwhelming for a lot of people. However, more and more companies are opting for video recorded interviews because they are faster, more consistent, and less expensive. As a result, it has become important to learn how to master this particular skill. And that is exactly what we are here for. Let’s take a look at the 5 most critical tips toward winning your video recorded interview.

Dress to Impress

How you choose to dress can the difference between a good interview and a bad interview. This is true regardless of how/where the interview is taking place. Taking the time to “clean-up” will display your true interest in the position. So while you might be sitting in the comfort of your own living room, you are still making your first impression. So swap out the shorts and t-shirt for something you would actually wear to a job interview. Or in our case, what you would typically wear to a day at Pro Athlete. It is pretty casual here by the way! 

Eye Contact

Eye contact will be a huge factor in crushing your video interview. We all know how vital it can be during in-person interviews. However, it can be equally as important for a video recorded interview. It’s easy to have your eyes drift down to look at yourself on the display screen but fight this urge. Assuming you already followed the first step, you look great! Therefore, try to make a conscious decision to look directly into your webcam. Doing so will convey confidence and properly present you as the expert you are.


As Buddy the Elf once said, “I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite.” Now you won’t have to tap all the way into the holiday spirit for your job interview, however, occasionally smiling will result in two positive outcomes. First, a soft smile will present you in a positive light. You are making a non-verbal statement that you genuinely enjoy the idea of the position you have applied for. This sort of excitement will stand-out during the post-interview review process. Secondly, smiling will impact the tone of your voice. Naturally, people will speak in a more jovial manner following a slight grin. This will only serve to benefit you in the long-run. Be careful not to smile too much, but make sure to sneak a couple in throughout.


One of the biggest mistakes made during a video recorded interview is when interviewees speak too fast. While it is certainly understandable to try and avoid “dead air,” rushing through your words will make it difficult for everything you say to be heard and understood. So slow down and speak comfortably. It is also always a good idea to take a moment after the prompt has concluded before you begin your response. This will give you a moment to process the prompt while also showcasing intentionality towards the topic. Immediately responding appears as though you are hurrying to finish. So take a deep breath, try to relax, and let’s go crush this interview!

Be Yourself

Far too often, people will try too hard during an interview. But you are great for so many reasons, and your interview is the perfect time to flaunt that. Your resume got you this interview, now a company wants to learn about the person they are hiring. Take the time to really show this off during your interview. Nearly every video interview will prompt you to speak about yourself. Use this time to talk about something you get really excited about. Let them know that you run marathons or design board games. Tell them about your two nephews that you like to take to the zoo. These are great ways to give them a chance to see who it is that you really are. A company obviously needs to know what skills you provide, however, they also want to know who it is they are hiring. Give them a chance to see the real you, we promise it will go a long way.

As you read through these 5 ways to nail a video recorded interview it’s easy to see a prevailing theme; self-confidence. A video interview can be nerve-racking, but it doesn’t have to be. After all, you are awesome in so many ways. Take pride in the person you are presenting and go out there and crush that interview!