Information Technology

The Information Technology Department at Pro Athlete consists of the Development Team and the Operations Team. The Department keeps our sites up and running, they provide hardware and software for employees, they help build our websites and they help employees with a number of different projects and tasks as they come up. The Department uses the Agile Process for project management, along with having access to all the latest and greatest technology, not to mention getting to pick the computer that best fits your needs when you are hired. The Operations team has a program called Triple Crown where they build and/or maintain employees' and their family members' personal computers and phones free of charge. 



User Experience

Great websites start with a great user experience. Our team of User Experience Designers work to understand the usability from an end-user standpoint.  Our goal is to make sure every customer has a great experience every time on both of our websites. We are passionate about building a foundation for a successful user experience. 


Our team uses the agile process to aid in building a foundation to reach company goals.  They work to create a functional, yet stunning visual display for our websites. Keeping up the maintenance on our websites is vital.  We understand that customer service starts with great design and functionality of our websites, but it is kept by providing accurate and up-to-date information. 

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance team is a skilled and motivated team that works to ensure that everything on our websites function and work according to plan. They are there to catch any errors before anything goes out to our customers. They anticipate the problem and are the bridge between user experience and programming. 



Desktop Services

Desktop Services handles the day-to-day operations for I.T. They ensure that each user of the organization is provided with the necessary tools to accomplish their business goals. Using a ticket system, employees can document any issue they may have, and Desktop Services will respond quickly to correct the problem. 

Network Administration

The Network Administration team brings innovation by providing speed and reliability for all users, applications and network services. They monitor all data in person, virtually and in cloud environments. This team uses the latest tools to empower business decisions. This dedicated team makes employee and customer satisfaction their number one goal. 

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