Talent Operations


Talent Operations, better known as TOPS, takes Human Resources to another level. They are in charge of recruiting and hiring top talent, along with taking care of the needs of the Pros currently on our team.

We made a point to make our HR department unlike the traditional HR departments that a lot of employees dread working with. Our TOPS team makes it clear that employees aren't just "resources", they are the "talent" that helps us be successful.

At Pro Athlete, Inc. we believe in empowering our team members to make the plays on the field without supervision from a manager. We hire employees who want to take ownership of their duties and be a part of a team that holds one another accountable instead of a manager doing it. We believe in hiring employees who require minimal to no supervision and that is why we are working towards building a fully-functional Empowerment Culture.

If you apply for a job and wonder who you will be dealing with during tryouts, it's our TOPS Team. They will be your point of contact during the tryout process, and they will be the first to welcome you to Pro Athlete, if you make the team. 

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