Our selection process is very thorough, and making the cut isn't easy. Anyone who wants to make the team must go through our tryout process.


Step One: Personality Survey

A Culture Index survey is required at the time of the application submission. The survey takes approximately five minutes and allows us to identify your basic human traits.


Step Two: Resume Review

Upon submission, your resume will be reviewed by a member of our Talent Operations (TOPS) team to evaluate if your skills and experience are a match to those needed for the position.


Step Three: Pre-Recorded Video Interview

For the next phase of the interview process, you’ll be asked to participate in a pre-recorded video interview. This interview takes the place of a traditional phone interview and allows you to interview at your convenience. The interview will be sent to you via email and you’ll be able to respond to the pre-recorded questions via your webcam or smartphone.


Step Four: Live Video Interview

Next, you’ll be asked to participate in a live video interview. During this interview we will discuss your education, skills, experience and career history.


Step Five: Face-To-Face Interview

Candidates at this stage are brought in for a face-to-face interview. This interview lasts about an hour and consists of a facility tour and an interview consisting of technical questions pertaining to the job, and also behavioral questions.


Step Six: Prove It

One of our Core Values is Be Resourceful. In this step we give each candidate one hour to prove they should get the job. Here we are looking for creativity and resourcefulness. 


Step Seven: Hire By Committee

Members of the TOPS Department, the hiring department and possible other contributors will make up the Hiring Committee. The committee will meet to go over all notes and make a decision on whom to hire. 


Step Eight: Reference Check

A reference check will be done to all candidates left at the end of tryouts. The references will be chosen by a member of our Talent Operations team and each candidate will schedule the reference check call.  


Step Nine: Background Check and Drug Screen

An official offer is contingent upon passing a background check and drug screen. 


Step Ten: Did You Make the Team? 

A member of our Talent Operations Department will notify you to let you know if you made the team.