Contact Center


Here at Pro Athlete, we are obsessed with Creating Fans Through Service, as it is our number one Core Value. Our Customer Coaches believe in making customers happy and are passionate about baseball and softball. Former high school, collegiate and minor league athletes help make up our team, and their passion carries over into their work. 

Communication is always changing and each customer has his or her preference on how they want to be communicated. With that in mind, our Communication center strives to offer every avenue of communication possible. We have all the social media channels covered from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and everything in between. Just reach out to us on your favorite social media channel, and we will respond within minutes. If email is more your style, we have you covered there as well. If you want a form of live interaction, give us a call or live chat with us. No matter what your preferred method of communication is, we have it covered.

There are no quotas and no scripts. The goal of every customer interaction is to create the best possible customer experience. Each Customer Coach is dedicated to adding value through great customer service. 

At Pro Athlete, we are trying to change the way contact centers operate and how they are perceived to the general public. Our Customer Coaches take care of our #1 asset, our customers. Because of that, our Customer Coaches need to be comfortable and excited to come to work. That's why we built a baseball stadium themed Contact Center. Check out this article featuring our Contact Center.

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