We treat our customers and employees like royalty and are constantly looking for that next new thing that might make a difference in someone's life. We do sell bats and gloves, but we believe we are doing a whole lot more than that.

  • The Hedrick Family Had A Poor Experience At Local Sporting Goods Stores, Sparking A New Idea.

    The Hedrick family went to purchase award patches for their son’s high school letter jacket. It took going to four different sporting goods stores to get them delivered, and they still were never done correctly. At this time, Wes and Judi Hedrick were in the middle of negotiations for opening a Jiffy Lube in their hometown. After the experience with the purchase of award patches, they changed gears and went into sporting goods. It sounded a lot more fun than oil changes, and there was a need for a better customer experience.

  • Pro Athlete Opens A Storefront In The Picture Hills Shopping Center.

    As the Hedrick family began searching for storefront locations, they ran across an open commercial space in the Picture Hills Shopping Center. It was here that the Hedricks set-up shop and began serving customers' sporting good needs.

  • Pro Athlete Expands To Selling Sporting Goods Merchandise Online.

    Pro Athlete made their first online sale. Shipping was $15 for ground service, the phone number was hidden deep in the site, prices were too high, and no confirmation emails were sent. It was an awful customer experience. How is this kind of customer service OK? It’s not! So the team at Pro Athlete went to work on getting their first website built and called it BeaPro.com. They put everything they could in the retail store online and started selling in October of 1999. Pretty soon, more products were going out the back door than the front door, and Pro Athlete evolved into a full-time online retailer.

  • Pro Athlete Moved Into A New 20,000 Sq. Foot Facility Off Pomona Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri.

    In this facility, Pro Athlete currently manages four e-commerce websites consisting of JustBats.com, JustBallGloves.com, BatWarehouse.com, and BallGloveWarehouse.com. This is the same facility from which Pro Athlete operates today.

  • Recognized In Fortune Magazine As A Top Workplace In Retail!

    Fortune Magazine featured our onsite pool, batting cage, weight room, and chef who cooks healthy meals for employees every day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The magazine also featured our state-of-the-art Employee Recognition Program. We were featured alongside companies like L.L.Bean, Publix, Zappos, Whole Foods, and QuikTrip.