Pro Athlete is dedicated to providing its employees and their families with a fun and trusted work environment. Getting up and coming to work every day should be fun, and at Pro Athlete, we always have a "ball.”


Fitness Training Sessions

Our on-site trainer provides 30-minute personal training sessions, bootcamps, H2O bootcamps, yoga, and spin classes.


Sports & Event Tickets

Kansas City Royals tickets are available for all employees. Also available are tickets to Kansas City Chiefs games, tickets to events at the Sprint Center and access to a variety of other tickets throughout the country. 


Breakfast & Lunch

Delicious and health-conscious meals are prepared daily by our full-time chef and provided free of charge.


Spa Services

Employees can take advantage of spa services such as relaxing massages, haircuts, eyebrow waxing and hair styling. All services are provided on-site by a massage therapist or cosmetologist and are free to our employees.


Baby Bonus Program

When employees welcome a new baby into their family, we welcome them into ours. New parents are given a monetary bonus and gift basket featuring gift cards for the new parents, a meal delivery service gift certificate, diapers, wipes, books, clothes, bib, hat, blankets and baby's first baseball glove. 


Safe-Ride Program

Employees who are under the influence of alcohol and are too impaired to drive home may use our Company Uber account, free of charge, or they may use a cab and turn in their receipt for a full reimbursement.


Interest-Free Home Loan

A salaried employee who has served at least one year is eligible for an interest-free loan of $5,000 toward the purchase of their first home. 


Use of the Facility

All employees and their guests can use the facility during normal business hours. The facility includes a pool, weight room, cardio room, game room, racquetball court, batting cage and sport court.


Player Development

Each employee will receive an allotment each year toward their personal development. Employees can use the money to go to conferences, get certifications, attend classes or join organizational groups.


Company Events

Pro Athlete holds multiple events that employees and their families and friends are able to attend throughout the year. These events are all filled with food, drinks and fun.


Crown Coffee Shop

Our complimentary coffee shop features almond-milk-based espresso drinks, various brewed coffees and a variety of loose leaf teas for our employees and guests.


Casual Dress

We want employees to feel comfortable at work everyday, so we eliminated that common frustration of having to dress up. T-shirts, shorts and tennis shoes are perfectly fine, and more or less the norm. 


Charity Allotment

Giving is an important part of our company culture. Every employee receives an allotment each year to give to any charitable organization(s) they choose. 


Discounted Employee Purchases

Pro Athlete employees have the opportunity to purchase products at a discounted price.


Drinks & Snacks

Employees enjoy a wide array of healthy grab-and-go snacks—made daily—including protein bars, protein shakes and Greek yogurt parfaits. Raw nuts, individual vegetable trays and fruit are always available.


Corporate Concierge

We have a Corporate Concierge who helps employees with everyday tasks such as picking up movie tickets, car washes and many other things.


Triple Crown Program

This is a free service managed by our IT Department, which maintains, supports and troubleshoots our employees’ personal computers, phones, tablets or any other types of technology. If you have a problem, our IT team can fix it.


Paid Enrichment Time

All full-time employees receive Paid Enrichment Time. This time can be used during their shift to work out, get a massage, relax in our spa, have a consultation with our wellness coach and so much more!