Wellness Program

Pro Athlete offers one of the best and most comprehensive Corporate Wellness programs in the world. We focus on physical, nutritional, and mental aspects of health and wellness to ensure employees live a healthy life. Our wellness program includes:


On-Site Personal Trainer

Customizes workout programs for each employee and provides daily training assistance.


Healthy Food Options

Includes made-to-order breakfast, expertly prepared lunches, a protein shake machine, and hand-made healthy snack packs.


Full Gym & Cardio Room

Houses state-of-the-art workout equipment and is complemented by a lap pool, racquetball court, and basketball court.


Total imPAct app

A Pro Athlete-built app that allows employees to easily track wellness goals and daily health activities.


InBody Machine

Available for employees to measure health metrics, such as Percent Body Fat (PBF), skeletal muscle mass per limb, and basal metabolic rate.


Wellness Hall of Fame

Recognizes wellness achievements for employees, including percent body loss and reaching weight loss goals.


Monthly Tournaments

Dodgeball and racquetball tournaments help promote camaraderie, friendly competition, and health among employees.


Kansas City Corporate Challenge

KCCC plays a large part in our program, as employees compete against other Kansas City companies every year.


Quarterly Health Classes

Help to educate employees on healthy eating habits, the importance of meditation, and other important wellness topics.


Flu Shots

Offered on location each fall to all Pro Athlete employees and their families. 


Biometric Screening

Annual screenings for all employees and their spouses to ensure that their overall health and wellness is continually in check. 


Meditation & Yoga Studio

Relax in a room used exclusively for our employees to meditate throughout the workday.  


“When I think of Pro Athlete and the Wellness program it makes me think of climbing Mt. Everest. Pro Athlete provides you with all the tools to climb that mountain. Not only do they provide you with a library of knowledge as an instruction manual, a personal trainer, daily healthy meals, all the work out equipment and gear you will need, as well as pay you to do it. All that is left for us is too start climbing the mountain.”
-Chad Morrissey

Throughout the year, employees strive to reach a predetermined amount of wellness points in order for Pro Athlete to pay 100% of the employee and their family’s insurance premium. Additionally, we have adopted a tobacco-free workplace, so tobacco is not allowed in or around the building.

Employees also have access to locker rooms, laundry service, steam showers, sauna, hot tub, meditation, stretch classes, and an on-demand video workout room. All of these offerings and benefits have helped Pro Athlete win the following local and national wellness awards.

The program encompasses many aspects of our employees’ health. We strive not only to be the best, but to have the best and healthiest employees in America. Our great culture and buy-in for the wellness program are why we have been named Healthiest Company in both Kansas City and America the last four years.

“As I have gotten older I realize that prevention is 100 times better than treatment. That is why I am so thankful for Pro Athlete’s approach to wellness. The goal is to enhance the whole body thru nutrition, fitness and mindfulness. Chef Nathan makes sure that each day the employees are presented with amazing healthy food options. Chris, our trainer is available for private workouts, group classes and he does educational classes as well. Pro Athlete also recognizes that wellness includes things like mental clarity so they have initiated a meditation program. Pro Athlete is focused on creating healthy habits so that each employee can feel their very best and be their very best.”
-Jodi Smith