The Guardian Angel

True story: When we received our first online order, we rushed to pull the Charley Lau instructional hitting video the customer had ordered. And we didn’t have it. But Linda did. Before Pro Athlete was large enough to buy directly from manufacturers, we used a wholesaler in St. Louis. The official policies — fees for a single-item order and expedited shipping, for example — could be pretty crippling. But our representative was Linda, who for no other reason than simply to be kind, took us under her wing. Her attention to our orders, her judicious waiving of fees and her big heart made a massive difference. We never had the chance to meet her in person before she passed away, but she’ll always be our guardian angel.

*Pictured above accepting Linda's plaque was her daughter, Tammy Odom, during the 2016 Pro Athlete Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.