The Class Act

Our sales representatives are family, and no one exemplifies that more than Roman. A collegiate player and a sales rep for some of the industry’s most respected brands, he’s a baseball lifer with a wealth of experience. But more than that, he’s a class act — the kind of guy you can trust like a brother. He always put us first on his list, applied his highest effort to every transaction and never took our relationship for granted. He’s the one you see out there shaking hands and kissing babies, not because he’s an actual politician, but because he knows everyone and they all think the world of him. When he would come visit the office, he fit in like he was an actual employee. Roman was also one of the first reps to help us go from being a “minor league” account to a “major league” account. And who could forget all those calls to our buyers when Roman would introduce himself as Monty Hall because he was ready to make a deal.