We empower our employees to care for, donate to, and volunteer with charitable organizations. While we love all the causes employees give to, these unique donations and collaborations have left a lasting impact over the years:


Pro Athlete Employee Donates Time To Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts


Pro Athlete Makes A Donation Towards The Newtown Renegades


Pro Athlete, Inc Makes A Donation To KCPD's Inner-City Baseball Program


Pro Athlete Makes A Donation In Honor Of Caleb Schwab

“Leukemia is such a horrible disease and such a long and tough battle for so many. I know first hand how stressful these times can be and how alleviating financial stresses can really help families focus on getting better and beating cancer without the stress of worrying about financial struggles.”
-Austin Hall
“Research is closer than ever before to breaking down cancer. I’ve lost many family members to cancer and the rate is increasing. Lives are cut short because of this awful disease. In my lifetime, I want to be able to say that we have beat cancer. I want mothers and fathers to get the opportunity to spend more time with their children and grandchildren. And I’m tired of seeing young children not getting a chance to grow up and experience life outside of treatments and hospitals. They should be playing, going to school and thinking about having their own families someday. I want to be able to help fund the researchers working everyday to finally get rid of cancer.”
-John Angell
“Royals Charities does so much for our community supporting children, education, baseball/softball programs, and our military. It’s a great cause and the Diamond of Dreams event is a lot of fun to attend. Thank you, Pro Athlete, for this opportunity!”
-Pam Miller
“Children’s Mercy does some great things for children who need medical care regardless of their financial situation. They provided great care to our son when it was needed and I would like to support their mission.”
-Kaleb Gilliland
“I try to make The Special Olympics Missouri an organization to donate every year. The organization does wonderful things and I am more than happy to donate to Special Olympics Missouri.”
-Armando Sanchez
“We have a rescue dog. The KC Pet Project is a no kill organization that takes in all kinds of animals for adoption. They rely on donations to keep that process working.”
-Jim Legg

Feel free to browse through the last three issues of our yearly publication we like to call, Pitch In: Pro Athlete’s Guide To Giving Back.