Getting On Base at Pro Athlete: How To Get Noticed

Most job seekers are constantly trying to figure out a way to “stand out” and get noticed during the application process. Traditionally that would mean polishing up your resume and trying to describe your value to an organization on a piece of paper. While this might be effective for some companies, at Pro Athlete, we hire for culture first and skills second every time. A resume is important in the process, but here we don’t care as much about how you helped decrease company expenses from x to x nearly as much as we care about the last thing you did for continuous learning or the last time you volunteered for a charitable organization. We care most about how well you would fit into our culture and what you could do to enhance it.

Standing out is important, but fitting in is the most important thing for us. If you want to know how to get your foot in the door here, send us examples (videos and pictures are great) of yourself living out our Core Values. And don’t bother with fake or disingenuous attempts to do this because you will stick out like a sore thumb if Core Value alignment doesn’t come natural for you. We’ve found that sometimes our Core Values don’t align completely with potential applicants, that’s ok, we just weren’t meant to work together. You will probably go on to do amazing things for a company that has similar values to you, and that is great for everyone involved.

>>> Our Core Values are the driving force behind how we do business.

We strive to live out our Core Values every single day. >>>

If you think you pass the Core Value alignment test, then the next step is to show us that you can bring something to our team that we don’t have or can’t live without. At Pro Athlete you can create your own position and your path yourself. So why not start creating it before you are even hired? That would be a pretty amazing first impression!

We are always looking to improve our team with new members and A Players, even if we don’t have current openings listed. We strongly encourage anyone who is interested to submit an application to get into our pipeline. We also have a section on our website entitled “Stay Connected” where you can sign up to be alerted of any pertinent company news or job openings before the public. It’s also a great chance for you to take a deeper look at who we are and make sure we are a good fit for you.

So in closing, here are a few other important things we look for in anyone who wants to join our team:

  • Genuine Curiosity

  • Drama Free

  • Have Your Teammates' Backs

  • Desire to Have Fun at Work (we hate calling it work, it’s too fun to call it that)

  • Passion to Be Part of Something Much Bigger Than a Typical Job

We don’t claim to have the perfect company, but we do have the perfect people for our company, and that will never change. So, if you think you fit in, don't just wait on the bench, step up to the plate and get connected with us today. You never know, the next game winning moment for our company might just start with you!