Resolutions Vs. Lifestyle. Why January is just as important as June

The New Year.  This is the time you get to wipe the slate clean and reset all of the unhealthy habits you’ve created from the year before and begin a “new you.”  Right?  What if we told you statistically that almost never works?  The thought of resetting and starting clean can be a euphoric feeling.  Visions of massive weight loss, healthier eating, storming the castle doors (ok I made that one up) are on the minds of millions of Americans at the start of every year.  So why is the success rate for these “restarts” so low?  

Maybe one word covers that question: Lifestyle.  

These lofty goals can be accomplished by anyone, but if you don’t make it a lifestyle and habit change throughout the ENTIRE year, your following year will just be another reset.  Then you end up in this endless pattern of failure that you may not realize you’re setting yourself up for.

Here at Pro Athlete we’ve learned that in order for us to achieve our goals, something has to change at the core of ourselves.  Call it intrinsic motivation.  We understand that January is just as important as June.  When you wake up everyday and part of your daily lifestyle is working toward that goal without extrinsic motivation or a reset button, the chances of success are massive.  We are seeing that at Pro Athlete everyday.  Health goals are met throughout the entire year.  And we’ve come to understand that Lifestyle is more important than Resolutions.  We are creating new habits and applying them everyday, so that when January is here, it’s just another month of working toward a healthier lifestyle.

Work toward your goals everyday this year.  Create new healthy habits that lead to a lifestyle change.  So that when January rolls around next year, it’s just another month of a better you.

Cheers to a great 2017!