Company Surprise Leads to a Day of Giving

For years, we would do big giveaways for gifts at our annual Holiday party. There would be 10-15 gifts given out to employees. Past gifts included big-screen TVs, iPads, gift cards, airline tickets, an all-expense-paid trip to Disney, and other items of great value.

Two years ago, something special happened.

Our employees got together and said that instead of doing the holiday party giveaways, they wanted to take the money used for the gifts and donate it to those in need. So, for the past two years, employees have teamed up and performed random acts of kindness. These included giving an iPad to a Dream Factory child, over-tipping a waitress in need, and paying for a single mother’s groceries.

It was one of the coolest things we have done. But, this year, we decided to switch it up. 

The day before Thanksgiving, we shut the company down for a few hours. Employees had no idea of the surprise that awaited. Everyone chartered a bus and took toys, diapers, clothes, and games to the children and families of the YMCA Head Start in Northtown. Check out the video!