Company Library Becomes Namesake for Small Business Guru and Pro Athlete Hall of Famer

Today we formerly dedicated our library to the man behind the inspiration for that library. We are proud to introduce the world to the Michael E. Gerber Library at Pro Athlete.  

“Every Business is a School.” Those words from Michael E. Gerber, the author of the E-Myth Revisited were the inspiration for our library and our Core Value, to Create a University Setting. As a business, our job is to expand our employees’ life skills and to give our employees more life.  We want our employees to leave us more educated than when they walked in. One way to help accomplish this goal is with our company library.  

In our library, we currently have approximately 500 different titles available for employees and their families to check out free of charge. We understand that employees like to learn in different ways, so we offer hard copies and audiobooks of all titles.

Our university setting here isn’t just about becoming smarter so you can do your job better. We will get any books to help make an employee’s life better. One example is that we have had many book club sessions over the last few years about real estate. We now have a couple of employees that invest in real estate on the side to create some extra income and add to their retirement planning.

If we don’t have a title in the library that an employee is looking for, the employee can request it, and the book will be ordered that day. If we only have two (2) copies of an audiobook and both are checked out, our software will not allow a 3rd book to be checked out until one of the checked out copies comes back. If it is going to be a while for the book to be returned, we will order another copy for the library.  

Here’s a list of the top books checked out of the Michael E. Gerber Library by Pro Athlete employees:  

Having company book clubs and all these titles on-site has helped our business over the years. The above titles give a great sense of how we run our company here. Since most employees have read these books, there becomes a language around the building on how and why we do things the way we do.