Salvy Makes a “Splash” for Pro Athlete Employees

At Pro Athlete, we are very fortunate to get to do a lot of really cool things. Last Friday was another one of those times. Four Pro Athlete employees were given the honor of presenting Royals’ All-Star Catcher Salvador Perez with his Silver Slugger and Gold Glove Awards from the 2016 season.

This has been something that has become the norm since 2011. If a Royals’ player wins a Gold Glove or Silver Slugger, it is usually a member of our team on the field to give it out. We have to send a big shout out to our partners Rawlings and Louisville Slugger for giving us these amazing opportunities.

For those of you who know Pro Athlete, you know we have a very casual and relaxed dress code. For the ceremony, it was suggested to wear a suit and tie. Probably to the surprise of many of you reading this, the employees did have suits and ties and when it was all said and done, they looked presentable!

Before going on the field for the presentation, all the people who will be doing any pregame presentations are put in the media room to go over the details. It was a great honor to be in the room with members of our military and the person who would later sing the National Anthem. After that, all that is left is the walk from the media room to the tunnel and onto the field.

Now for a brief look into the minds of the Pro Athlete employees as they walk on the field and take their places for the presentation:

“Oh wow, there are a lot of people here.!”

“Don’t trip, just don’t trip”

“Don't step on the chalk line”

“Don’t drop this Silver Slugger or you will be on a blooper reel on youtube in minutes”

“Wow, that is really Salvy right here beside. I’m short”

“Dang, this Gold Glove award is heavy and hard to pick up. Just stay calm, it’s just 40,000 people watching you fumble this award.”

“I am glad we don’t have to wear suits to work everyday”

“Oh, that was a nice wave when they called his name, I think I will do that.”

“Am I really doing this right now?”

“You know you work at Pro Athlete, when you get to do this!”





Salvy was just as advertised. He was cracking jokes and was very thankful for the awards he was given. You see him on TV and see the passion and excitement he plays with and that held true during the presentation. He really did make a splash in the lives of those employees who were on the field for the presentation. Pro Athlete wants to thank Salvy for that.

The entire Royals staff was amazing and very helpful and organized during the whole thing. We want to thank them all! We were also very fortunate to get to share the moment with another one of our employees who also works for the Royals. He was in the Rawlings truck that drove the Gold Glove up to home plate.

Check out some pictures below!