George Brett steps back into the batter's box with Pro Athlete.

After 3,154 career hits, you would think Baseball Hall of Famer George Brett would be content enjoying retirement on a golf course. Instead, lucky for us, Brett dropped by Pro Athlete to provide us with some hits.

Brett is used to stopping in Pro Athlete. Months ago he dropped by to enjoy an updated tour of the facilities and lunch from Chef Nathan. And, of course, years ago he famously spent some time in our sauna.

With his renewed attention on his baseball bat company, Brett Brothers, Brett stepped back into the figurative batter’s box again. Donning a shirt, he spent the day filming segments about Brett Brothers’ baseball bats and Pro Athlete’s culture.

Brett even played a game in which he commented on off-the-wall topics, including Kansas City’s Eric Stonestreet, Netflix, the designated hitter, and RompHims. Stay tuned for these decidedly funny videos this summer.

Brett’s day at Pro Athlete was capped with a surprise lunch with former Royals’ teammate Fred Patek, who happened to be picking up some bats. The two enjoyed lunch and were able to catch up in our Ballpark Bistro. Pro Athlete, Inc….where pro athletes dine together. 

We enjoyed having George drop by, and we look forward to his future visits...and hits.