One for the Other Thumb: Pro Athlete Pulls Off Six-Peat In Kansas City Corporate Challenge

We learn a lot about who we are as a company and who our employees are by stepping outside of our comfort zone both in business and in sports.

Over the last two months, members of the Pro Athlete team have been competing in the 2017 Kansas City Corporate Challenge. It was great to see many of our employees out there competing and picking up where they left off after playing high school, collegiate or even recreational sports leagues growing up.

Competing in events that test endurance, strength, and skill such as disc golf, fishing, bowling, volleyball, and tug-of-war is exactly what we did. In fact, we had 33 of our employees participate in one event or more. With so many employees competing, we were able to bring home:

  • 12 gold medals

  • 7 silver medals

  • 2 bronze medals

The employees were flat out All-Stars, especially:

  • Jodi S. brought home the most female gold medals (4)
  • Mac M. brought home the most male gold medals (5)
  • Ellen H. was our female employee that participated in the most events (18)
  • Derek R. was our male employee that participated in the most events (16)

This was the first year that we’ve won Tug-Of-War and Swimming!

We competed in the smallest division of the Corporate Challenge and squared off against some other excellent companies such as XenometricsApex Sports Medicine, InQuest MarketingThe Miller Group, and Ad Astra Information Systems.

So many people ask us if they had to have played sports to be able to work here and that is not true at all. We do take the Kansas City Corporate Challenge pretty serious, but we don’t make it part of the hiring process. That would be crazy! We have applicants do a standard phone interview, in-person interview, background check, 400 M Dash, throw darts, hit a few softballs and complete a triathlon. It’s pretty much your standard hiring practices that most businesses have!