It’s Always Tournament Time At Pro Athlete

At Pro Athlete, it’s no secret that we’re competitive in everything we do. We practice speed, agility, and endurance throughout the year in our in-house weight and cardio room. The real competitive edge comes out during tournaments that we host for all of our employees each year.

Our tournaments range in skill levels and sports, including volleyball, dodgeball, and even a little ping-pong and racquetball. Our Corporate Wellness Coordinator seeks feedback from our employees on what tournament they would be interested in participating in, and he then sets up brackets and schedules games based on everyone’s skill level.

We are true believers that it’s important to step away from the computer, telephone, or shipping station and pick-up a dodgeball, paddle, or even a racquet. That’s exactly why we allow all of our employees to take a break and have some fun while on the clock. That’s what work is all about, right?

Over the last several weeks, our employees have been competing in our annual dodgeball tournament, and we’re down to the final two teams. In fact, we want to give you an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to play like a pro on our Sport Court. On Tuesday, July 25th, we will be streaming the 2017 Pro Athlete Dodgeball Championship game on Facebook Live. We are inviting you into our world for an afternoon. From start to finish, you’ll be able to view the competitive edge that our employees display both on and off the court.

After each tournament, we honor the winning team by enshrining them into the Pro Athlete Wellness Hall Of Fame. Who will be added to the wall next?