Corporate Housing - Pro Athlete Style

It started as an idea. We wanted to provide our out-of-town vendors with a lodging experience better than a hotel, and it grew from there.

A few years ago we bought a house in the neighborhood near Zona Rosa so our vendors could stay close to our office, but also have a whole house to themselves. We gave the house a true Pro Athlete-inspired makeover and equipped it with a workout room, arcades, full bar, and a game room.

The house is free for our vendors and comes fully stocked with all the drinks you can imagine. The house backs right up to Zona Rosa and includes a secret gate that visitors can access to walk to Zona Rosa easily. But, the coolest part? The house comes with a blue light on the roof, so guests can identify the house from a distance (especially if they have had a few beverages at Zona Rosa).

Needless to say, vendors loved the Pro Athlete house.

But, vendors don’t visit every day, so there were still a lot of vacancies. That is when this awesome perk took a turn toward total awesomeness. We offered the houses up to our employees free of charge. And, we still offer this perk today.

The house can be used for staycations, family in town, group gatherings, team outings, etc. Just like for the vendors, the house is rent free and fully stocked.

We didn’t stop there. We didn’t want to take the chance of renting it to an employee and a vendor needing it later, so what do you do in that case? Yep, you guessed it! You buy the house next to it and do the same thing. So we did! The only major difference is that instead of a game room, the second Pro Athlete house has a full theater room.

So, now we have two houses for vendors, employees, job applicants, etc. For the past year or so, both houses have been booked solid every weekend of the year. It’s an amazing perk that has allowed some employees to experience great memories with their friends and family. The houses have hosted birthday parties, graduations, department meetings, staycations, and everything in between.