KU Basketball Strength Coach Drops Knowledge on Pro Athlete


We were fortunate to have one of the most talented and recognized strength coaches in all of college sports in our office yesterday to speak with our employees. Andrea Hudy, or just Hudy as most people know her, spent an hour educating our employees on her methods that have helped her cultivate the most cutting edge strength program in the country.

At KU, they focus on culture, technique, and technology to help their student athletes be successful at the college level and at the professional level for some. They have data on basically anything, and everything an athlete does and they use it to help put together championship caliber athletes and teams.

Hudy has quite the resume to back up everything she is teaching her athletes. How many people can say they have worked for three different College Basketball Hall of Fame coaches? Probably not too many! She has worked for Jim Calhoun and Geno Auriemma at UCONN and Bill Self at Kansas. She has helped several athletes make it to the professional ranks, and she maintains great relationships with many of them still today.


We have had several speakers come to our facility to talk with our employees, and one thing that has remained constant with all of them is how important creating and maintaining a specific culture for your organization has to be. There is no more important thing you can do than to have a great culture and an identity. We use our Core Values as the backbone for that culture. Think of the amazing culture that must be present for the KU Basketball team or the Kansas City Royals! It’s awesome to see that dedication to culture take place in so many other places!

Thank you to Hudy for inspiring and educating our team today! We even saw the Mizzou fans in the room engaged and clapping, which tells you how great she was!