Customer Highlight - Jon Pritikin

In last week’s blog article, we hit on our 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions. One of those included, “Who are your biggest customers?” In answering that question, we hit on all of our obvious baseball and softball related customers. After writing that blog, though, it came to mind that there is another very special customer of ours who is not a baseball or softball player at all, nor is he a parent or coach buying for a young player. Instead, he uses our bats to change the lives of those around him.

Meet Jon Pritikin. Jon faced a great amount of adversity as a victim of bullying at an early age through his teen years and even as a young adult. Fortunately, Jon eventually met a few key people in his life that believed in him and provided him with the confidence to change his life. Since then, he has overcome incredible challenges and has made it his mission to better the lives of those around him.

Jon founded Feel the Power, a nonprofit organization that empowers and inspires students to believe in their own strength, in 1994 with his wife Rhonda. He now travels the world making a huge impact on the lives of others through his message of internal strength (while also providing entertainment for the audience with his extreme external strength). Since then, he has been able to impact the lives of 8 million students around the planet!

So, how does Pro Athlete fit into the picture? Well, Jon is a regular customer of, one of the eCommerce sites that we power. Although Jon does not play or coach baseball or softball, he is a regular buyer of wood bats. One of the “feats of strength” that Jon presents during his shows is breaking wood bats over his legs (we’re not kidding- check it out). is the proud provider of the bats that Jon happily breaks.

Back in 2015, we were able to personally meet Jon when he visited our office in Kansas City. We got to see first-hand how impactful and motivating his presentations are. Our employees were left feeling inspired and had a great time. We are extremely fortunate to have Jon as a very valued customer and love that Jon embraces stewardship just as much as we do. We are extremely proud of what Jon, his wife Rhonda, and daughter Jaden do on a daily basis to help others around the world.

If you are an educator, PTA parent, or know someone who is interested in hosting a Feel the Power event, please get in touch with Jon by booking an event here.