Chef Nathan's Wellness Journey

Along with our wellness coordinator, Pro Athlete Chef, Nathan Decaro, sets the foundation for creating a healthy work environment. He plays a huge role in the wellness of all of our employees by serving a healthy, creative menu on a daily basis. Recently, he chose to not only focus on the health and wellness of his Pro Athlete family, but to start a health and wellness journey of his own. Through important changes and tons of determination, he has been able to drastically change his life all while inspiring those around him.

To date, Chef Nathan has lost 77 pounds and is down 23% body fat per our on premise InBody test. He says, though, that those are just numbers to him and the bigger key is constantly working on his mindset. By taking control of his mindset, he has been able to take control of his body. Setting daily goals, meditating and getting in the right headspace has allowed him to hold himself accountable and persevere.

Aside from improving his mindset, Nathan has persistently eaten right and added physical activity into his lifestyle. He loves to run, play racquetball and spend time in the weight room often doing several body weight exercises. Because of his “can-do” attitude, others around the office have taken notice and joined in. Chef Nathan formed a weekly, after lunch running group that meets two times a week and runs at least 5 miles per outing. He is a person people can go to for questions, resources and motivation.

One of his main motivators throughout his wellness journey has been his family, specifically his two daughters. He strives to show them that anything can be accomplished with hard work and perseverance. He also attributes much of his success in his journey by being the company chef. He says that his position has allowed him to talk to others about the foods they are putting in their bodies and that has helped him keep himself accountable.

Last weekend, Chef Nathan, his wife and their two daughters took a trip to Independence, KS where he accomplished a bucket-list goal and completed the Flatrock 50K Ultra Trail Race equaling out to 31 miles! Over the course of 7 hours and 40 minutes, he ran through rugged terrain and did so with pride and a positive attitude. This is just one of many goals he continues to achieve and says he looks forward to the next 50K Ultra.

We look forward to the progression of his journey and are all so proud of how far he has come! Thank you, Chef Nathan, for continuing to make Pro Athlete a motivating and healthy work environment!

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