The Importance of Systems in a Business

As a company that offers unlimited paid time off (PTO), we find it super important to have systems in place that ensures we do not miss a beat when employees are out. However, having systems in place goes much deeper than making sure tasks are still fulfilled when people are away. Systems ensure that when an employee takes another position within the company, at another company or has unforeseen things come up, we are able to keep moving forward no matter their role.

One of our core values is “Build a Systems Dependent Company” and we feel like we have done just that. Every position at Pro Athlete has an Accountability Chart that is filled with System Action Plans (SAPs) that take every daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks and maps out each process step by step to ensure that we will never miss a beat. By creating these systems, we feel like we are not only doing the business a favor, but also making the lives of our employees easier. While the initial process of creating all of our systems was a task and the upkeep can sometimes seem overwhelming, by having very specific systems in place we, as a company, are able to run like a well oiled machine. And because we are able to run like a well oiled machine, employees can take two week vacations if they want (we just had someone take an unbelievable trip to India and Sri Lanka) and not worry about a single thing while they’re gone!

Benefits of a company having systems in place:

  • Systems ensure that no one holds the keys to the castle. All tasks are mapped out and can easily be picked up by the next person.

  • Stress free vacations or sick days for employees- there is no need to worry about being present as you know a backup is in place! Employees will never have to worry about a teammate calling in sick either as their tasks can be picked up by reviewing their accountability chart for that day.

  • Adding new members to the team or losing members will be a much easier process.

  • Systems may lead to potential franchise opportunities to grow your business. With systems in place, anyone can carry on your business model.

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