Pickers and Shippers

So you’ve just ordered your brand new bat or glove- Congrats! Maybe it's for you or maybe it's a special holiday gift for your favorite all-star. Either way, have you ever wondered what happens on our end in-between “From Click to Hit”?

After you “click”, our fulfillment center steps up to the plate to get your bat or glove to you ASAP. Once your order is submitted, a fulfillment specialist is alerted that there are orders needing to be picked and shipped by TV monitors displayed throughout the fulfillment center. Pickers then enter the shipping module and begin to pick the items in the most efficient route provided automatically by our enterprise resource planning system (ERP). Scan guns worn on the forearms of our pickers tell the employee exactly where to go, what barcode to scan, and what item to pick. All of the items are put into specific bins and then placed on a conveyor belt and sent to our shipping stations.

At the shipping stations, our shippers use a hand held scan gun to scan the specific bin and product barcode. A UPS barcode is scanned to automatically print a UPS shipping label and the program advises the shipper of the appropriate shipping box to use. Once the products are placed in the proper box and sealed, the shipping label is then applied. Finally, the box is placed on a pallet ready to be delivered to you by UPS on time, every time, exactly as promised!

Check out the video below to see what our fulfillment process looks like and remember, we're always there for you, FROM CLICK TO HIT!