Food is the Way to My Heart


When our employees get asked what their favorite thing about working here is, almost everyone says the people first. When you follow that up with what your next favorite thing is, you will almost always hear “the food.” We are fortunate to have a 5-star chef on our team. Chef Nathan has been an integral part of our employee engagement the past 6+ years.

We do believe that food is the way to everyone’s heart, and that’s why this benefit is one of the most important things we do at Pro Athlete. We have been serving food to our employees since the beginning. It has obviously evolved and improved, but it was important for us to just start out doing something. We get asked a lot how much it costs to do our food program, and we say that it doesn’t cost anything, it pays! Most people give us a funny look when we say that, but we truly believe it.

Employees stay on-site and most probably take a shorter lunch break because it’s so convenient. Our team gets to eat together every day and bond over anything they want. It’s healthy for our business. The relationships that are created and enhanced at the bistro table at work are priceless to our organization. We wouldn’t be who we are without that!

Our food service department was recently featured in a publication. Check it out here.

Bon Appetit!

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