Perk Profile: Enrich Yourself


For years, if you were a salaried employee, you could workout, use the spa, or any other perk during work hours, but hourly employees would have to clock out to utilize the same perks. This past year we decided to make a change and encourage our hourly employees to take some time for themselves each day.

We want our employees at their best when it comes to dealing with our customers and our partners, so we implemented what we call our Enrichment Program. Each hourly employee gets up to 40 minutes paid each day, to enrich themselves. They can work out, read a book, get a pedicure in our spa, take a nap in the nap room, shoot baskets, etc.


When we mention this program to people who are taking tours, they look at us a little funny. We can tell they think we are wasting a bunch of money on this perk. We just don’t see it that way at all. We believe in the concept of an empowerment culture for all our employees. So we trust that they are going to get their work done and not take advantage of the freedom they are granted to enrich themselves.

The Enrichment Program has been going for over a year, and we have received great feedback from our employees. They are thankful to have that time for themselves, and we believe our customers and partners are benefitting from it as well. For all those people who have looked at us kind of funny when we talk about this perk, thank you for the confirmation that we are doing this right. Alright, time to go watch two employees get paid to play racquetball against each other!