Gettin’ Comfy

You never know what type of opportunity might be waiting for you on the other end of a voicemail or email that you receive. We didn’t know either when we received an email to our general company email account from Brandi Russell.

She started by saying that she was not the founder or CEO of her company Comfy Cup. It was her 12-year-old son Kyler who was the founder and CEO. She called herself “Kyler’s Mom and CO-CEO.” She had us hooked right then and there for so many reasons.

She had a company that dealt with baseball (like us), the name of the company was super cool, and it was founded by someone who couldn’t watch an R-rated movie yet. Most of us were thinking about school, sports, video games, friends and so many other things at 12...not starting a business. How cool is it that Kyler started his own company before he was a teenager? Get this, they also got to give a pitch at a 1Million Cups event in Kansas City. Check out their video here.

We are so thankful the Comfy Cup team reached out to us and we look forward to continuing to build our relationship to benefit both companies. If you haven’t checked them out, head over to or check out their listing on Amazon to get one today!

Here is Co-CEO Brandi Russell on the relationship between Comfy Cup and Pro Athlete!