How To: Take Product Photos and Videos

We receive hundreds of bats and gloves at our fulfillment center everyday. In order for the products to become live on our websites (so our customers can buy them and hit homers), product photos and videos need to be taken of items in our inventory (we don’t mean every single item, but at least one item from every bat or glove model). We’re lucky to be able to do that in-house and have found a pretty seamless system for getting it done. Here’s an in-depth look from employee, Kyle G., on just how he and his fellow rockstars here take our product photos and videos:

  1. A new item is received in our fulfillment center.

  2. It is transferred from our receivers to a specific location in our fulfillment center specifically made for holding these items that need photos and videos. Then our system will send an email notification notifying that pictures need to be taken for this item.

  3. Once the email has been sent, our photographers remove the new item from the location and take it to our photo booth.

  4. For bats, seven different pictures are taken: four of each angle of the barrel and handle, one of the certification of what leagues the bat is allowed for and one of the end and knob.

  5. For gloves, six different pictures are taken: two pictures of the inside of the glove, one of the glove’s web, one of the back and two of each side of the glove.

  6. Once all of pictures of the item have been shot, they are then off for editing and will be live on our sites within a 24 hour period.

  7. The final step is to deliver the bat or glove to our media room..

Now that the item has been delivered to the media room, it’s time for product videos!

  1. Once the lighting, microphones and cameras are set up, we grab the product number from our system to pull up the item and start recording the video. We have developed a set up that allows the video production process to be only a one person job.

  2. Our videos range from 1-3 minutes and give our customers an in depth summary of the features the item has to offer.

  3. Once the product video has been recorded and completed, it is then downloaded to our software and is made live to our site for that product under the product page. It is also downloaded to our YouTube sites for our customers to view and get an insight of what product suits their game the best.

Product videos are the most nerve wracking part. We aren’t actors or performers here and being in-front of the camera can be an intimidating place to be. Here are some tips from employee, Dan P., to make the experience better for yourself and your customers:

  • Do 2 or 3 practice takes before going live.

  • Write down the highlights of each product. This helps organize your thoughts.

  • Give the most accurate information you can. It’s ok if your delivery isn’t the best but it’s vital that the information is correct.

  • Remember to smile and have fun! (It can always be reshot!)

If you currently run an eCommerce website or one day plan to start selling products online, we hope that our tips may help you out!  If you are interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to us at and we will get you in touch with our experts!

Credit to employees Kyle G. and Dan P. for providing the information for this week’s version of our blog.