When One Door Closes -- The Second Door Opens

One thing that really gets us excited at Pro Athlete is when some of our best employees leave the company. Yep, you read that right. Sounds weird, huh? Well, let us explain. Something we love is to see employees leave to start a company of their own or chase any dreams they’re passionate about. Because our company was started from a true entrepreneurial venture, we get excited seeing others nurture their own next big idea. A real entrepreneurial thinker would never be happy long term at any business that wasn’t their own, so we never want to be ones to hold employees back just because it might be in our best interest. Don’t get us wrong: it always stings to lose good people, but it feels so awesome when you see them flourish. This is true for Pro Athlete alumni, Jeramey Jordan.

Jeramey started at Pro Athlete when he was 16 and literally grew up here. He did every job we had from shipping packages to overseeing our entire office as the Building Manager. He always had an entrepreneurial itch in him and 15 years later, he finally scratched that itch. Jeramey felt like he had done all there was to do at Pro Athlete and decided to partner up with members of the Pro Athlete family to start a new business. Enter Second Door.

Jeramey Jordan Giving His Pro Athlete Hall of Fame Induction Speech.

Jeramey Jordan Giving His Pro Athlete Hall of Fame Induction Speech.

Second Door is a short-term rental management company based right here in Kansas City. After years of managing the Pro Athlete building, a vacation home in Orlando and two corporate houses for vendors in KC, Jeramey realized he had created and mastered systems that would translate to the now-booming Airbnb market. Taking what he learned from Pro Athlete coupled with his own entrepreneurial drive, Jeramey was able to open Second Door in January of 2018. One year later and Second Door has over 10 properties in the family and a number of happy customers.

The message is simple for the team at Second Door: We Host -- You Profit. If you or someone you know is looking to capitalize on a second home or even rent your house out when you are out of town, feel free to check out Second Door. It’s stories like this that make our Alumni Program slogan, “Once a Pro, Always A Pro” feel so right!

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