Gettin’ Our Hustle On.

We were very fortunate last week to have our good friends and awesome KC company, Charlie Hustle, at our office for a couple days of team meetings. Two of our Core Values at Pro Athlete are Embrace Stewardship and Create a University Setting. These seemed very fitting this past week because we were able to help out a fellow KC company and by doing that, we were actually able to learn a ton of valuable information. People ask us why we let other companies come up and use our space. We say, “why would we not?” It’s an opportunity to get to meet some awesome people and in turn we get a chance to learn how they do business. Charlie Hustle came here to learn a bit about us, but we will always be thankful to them for what they taught us in just a few days. 

We even got a chance to hear from Royals General Manager Dayton Moore and Fox Sports KC Broadcaster Joel Goldberg. We also got to hang out with Matt Besler from Sporting KC. All because we let another company come up and use our facility. It was the right thing to do for us and we were just happy that Charlie Hustle allowed us to be part of something this cool. 

Our society is conditioned to always expect something in return for doing someone a favor. We get asked that all the time when we do things like this or give time or money to an organization. People want to know what the catch is or what we will get in return. If you want to be part of our team at Pro Athlete, you never expect anything in return for doing the right thing. We strongly believe that if you do the right thing everything else will take care of itself. This held true for this event. We allowed Charlie Hustle to use our facility and we were able to listen to some amazing speakers. We didn’t expect it or deserve it, but it was a great thing for sure.  A special thanks to Charlie Hustle for an amazing experience. We learned so much and got an inside look at what is truly behind the “heart” of KC!