Why We Focus on Results, Not Work.

One of our Core Values at Pro Athlete is Focus on Results, Not Work. We often don’t care how you get somewhere, just that you get there. After all, things happen in everyday life for everyone and it’s important for us to allow our employees the time to take care of those things.

People get sick, people have appointments, kids have baseball games and people take vacations. We want our employees to be able to do those things hassle free. It was a few years ago we came up with an idea to give all salary employees Unlimited PTO. We realized that not one single time in the history of our company did we tell someone they couldn’t take PTO. So instead of making the employees always ask to take off and have them fearing what we might say, just empower them. Trust that they are taking off for a good reason and that they will still get the results.

Since rolling the program out a few years ago, we have seen a lot of great things come out of it. Employees are more empowered than ever to manage their time and there is no chance they will miss their child’s next game winning hit or diving catch in the outfield. And that’s what it’s truly all about.

Most companies think they have to use some traditional way of managing PTO so the employees don’t take advantage of the company. Just think for a second how crazy that sounds. You don’t trust your employees? Why did you hire them if you can’t trust them? We aren’t saying the way we do it is the best, but it definitely works for our employees. In the end, that’s what really counts.