The Game of Details

You’ve probably heard the expression, “it’s the little things that matter.” At Pro Athlete, we believe in this, and even obsess over it! We live in the details and do our best to make sure every single little piece of everyone’s experience with us is game-changing.

One of the companies that we admire is Disney. If you have ever been to Disney World, you know that they live for the details. Every aspect of the entire operation is carefully planned and executed to ensure every guest receives a magical experience. We believe in that here at Pro Athlete, as well.


We do our best to try and play to your senses. For example, when you walk in, you are greeted with the smell of genuine glove leather that covers the interior walls of our breezeway. Then, right before you enter the lobby, you are greeted over our sound system by a recorded welcome message from our good friend and Kansas City Royals’ announcer Ryan Lefebvre. As you enter the lobby, there is a cornfield graphic on the door. This is meant to feel like you are walking into a cornfield, just like in Field of Dreams, one of our favorite baseball movies.

Once you are in the building, the attention to detail continues to grow. We are fortunate to have a lot of cool spaces in our building that are intended to make you feel like you aren’t at work. From our bar to our spa, we make sure that we brand each of those spaces with cool names, decor, and signage to make you feel like you are in a real bar or at a real spa and not at your job.


Why do we spend so much time on these little things? It all goes back to our roots of creating a world-class experience for everyone we meet. It’s a rush for all of us who work here to see a guest take notice of our attention to detail. It’s addicting and turns into a game where we are constantly trying to one-up what we did before. There isn’t anything cooler than seeing a guest who is touring our office for the first time walk in and see their name and their college logo on our welcome boards. Then to see them take a selfie with it takes it to the next level!

As we continue to grow our team, we continue to look for people who share in this belief of wowing everyone through small details. If you think this concept is pointless or if the thought of this doesn’t excite you, then Pro Athlete is not the right place for you. However, if you get that warm and fuzzy feeling when someone notices and appreciates the attention to detail that you paid to something, then Pro Athlete is a grand slam fit for you!

Make it a game worth playing!