Not Your Typical Company Ballgame


In 2012, a group of Pro Athlete employees casually took batting practice at Community America Ballpark. Five years later we now play a full-fledged baseball extravaganza with real jerseys, batting practice gear, mascots, walk-out music, locker rooms, videos, and much more. 

When the players arrive at the park, their BP gear and uniform hang in their locker with their nameplate. During batting practice, our assisted stretching professional helped everyone stretch. Pro Athlete employees announced the game, sang the National Anthem, and facilitated the in-between inning activities. All food and beverages were free of charge to all the spectators (it was a sell out crowd…..ok, so not really). And, the game concluded with a postgame concert from a local Kansas City band, Minor Rewind.

As much fun as the game was, the best part of the night was interacting and helping our friends from the YMCA Challenger Program. 30+ Challenger athletes and their parents were in attendance and on the field to escort players during lineup announcements. A lot of the athletes ran the bases in between innings and even stuck around to watch well-below-average baseball.

Employees raised more than $4,000 for the YMCA Challenger program, and everyone in attendance raised nearly $3,000 for the family of one of the Challenger athletes. Create Stewardship is one of our Core Values, and during our annual company baseball game, we were able to give back to a great organization, family, and athletes.


We plan to improve the on-field and off-the-field components of the event each year. Our goal is to involve other Kansas City companies and raise even more money for charitable causes.

Thank you to the T-Bones, Minor Rewind, LFC Media and Charlie Hustle for making this year’s game another special one!