On Time, Every Time, Exactly as Promised: A Look at the Pro Athlete Fulfillment Department

What do you look for in teammates responsible for delivering customers what they ordered? For us, consistency is the most important.

In our Fulfillment Center, consistency shines in a variety of ways. It starts with a crazy inventory accuracy number of 99.87%. Think about that for a second. Thousands of bats and gloves moving around the warehouse and being shipped to us and out to customers and the team can maintain an accurate inventory count of 99.999%.

Consistency also comes with a 99.99% shipping accuracy. That means that with all the moving parts, our fulfillment team is nearly perfect at getting you the correct bat every single time. Industry averages for shipping accuracy are around 98.4%.

Something else you will consistently see in the Fulfillment Center is one of the main people responsible for the team’s success, Brett Olson, wearing a hoodie with the sleeves rolled up. He will do this even when it’s 100 degrees outside. Is it a superstition, a comfortability thing, or is he trying to stick it to Bill Belichick who Brett claims stole his signature “short-sleeve hoodie look”? According to Brett, Belichick was able to make it famous because he was a national sports figure even though Brett wore it first.

Did Belichick steal his style or is Brett just bitter? We hope to find out more about Brett’s potential bitterness and how this team has built such a consistent operation for shipping bats and gloves. Check out our interview with the Pro Athlete Fulfillment department below: