Don’t Leave Runners on Base...The Pro Athlete Meaning

In baseball, leaving runners on base is one of the biggest frustrations for a team. You’ve done the work to get baserunners, and then you leave them stranded after that third out?! Here, we do our best to never leave runners on base. We want every potential interaction with Pro Athlete to be a homerun!

Have you ever contacted someone for help with something and they agreed to do it, but then they never followed through? Or, have you emailed someone with a question that you need an answer to, and they don’t email you back? What about the person who schedules a meeting with you at 1:00 pm and shows up at 1:15 pm and never lets you know they were going to be late?

Unfortunately, these things happen to us and around us every single day. Most days it happens more than once. Isn’t it just a sick and lonely feeling when you need something important from someone, and they don’t come through for you?

At Pro Athlete, there is zero tolerance for our employees to ever do that to someone. If you aren’t able to help someone right away, a quick email or text letting them know you will help as soon as you can will do the trick. We find that we only hire people who share the same frustration with leaving base runners stranded as we do. We also know that if doing any of the things listed above is acceptable to you, then you DO NOT belong here. We are all about positively wowing anyone we come in contact with, and not delivering on your promise is not a preferred wow.

If the thought of not delivering on what you said makes you sick to your stomach, then Pro Athlete might be a perfect fit for you. And if you get that warm and fuzzy feeling in your stomach when you wow someone in a good way because you went above-and-beyond with your service, then we are positive you will love it here!