The Perfect (Vino) Pair

Creating a positive and interactive company culture is something that we care deeply about at Pro Athlete, Inc. A perfect example occurred last night; we hosted one of our annual Delish! Events for our employees and their guests to attend. We host Delish! events throughout the year to build on the relationships within Pro Athlete via food and drink.

Last night Pro Athlete Alumni member Mike Kearns and his wife Mindy shared their story of Vino Pair. It’s through this new business venture that Mike and Mindy hope to solve the 21st-century problem of what food and wine to pair together.

But this wasn't your typical wine tasting. Mike and Mindy were clear that when it comes to pairing foods with wine, you need to start with the basics and slowly add in different types and tastes of food. Not only did the wine and food combinations pair perfectly (sort of like bats and gloves), but everyone learned the importance of the order in which you pair the two.

Several employees joined Mike and Mindy, along with our very own Chef Nathan, as they sampled some of Vino’s best hand-selected wines and food pairings. These events help to encourage our employees to bring in their families to enjoy and savor the moments and the memories that we create at Pro Athlete, Inc.

To learn more about Mike & Mindy’s #PairAndShare adventure head on over to their website: