Umbrellas, Darts and a Whole Lot of Brains

Yep, umbrellas inside the building. Not the small umbrella you carry with you when it rains, we are talking the big patio umbrellas you use. We have one in the Development Department at Pro Athlete. Programmers don’t always like lights, so when some of the people in the section do, something has to give. Or one person just got resourceful and went and brought in a huge umbrella to keep his workstation dark. This is just one example of the type of things we see from our Programmers at Pro Athlete.

They are one of the most crucial parts of our team as they help us build, maintain and grow our websites and internal applications. They truly are the brains behind our operation and we are so thankful to have them. Traditionally you would think that a group of Programmers wouldn’t really care to work at a company called Pro Athlete because they might not be interested in sports. Maybe some are, maybe some aren’t, but we don’t care. They fit our Core Values and that is what matters most.

So what is it like to be a Programmer at Pro Athlete? Well, why don’t we let some of our team tell you?