There's Truly No Place Like Home

We recently received some sad news. One of our Alumni members decided she didn’t want to be part of the Alumni group anymore. We were hurt at first until we realized she didn’t want to be in the program anymore because she wanted to come back to work at Pro Athlete.

Whereas other companies might be hesitant to re-embrace former employees, we welcome grand slam culture fits who are great at their job. It was a no-brainer to bring her back. Check out this Q/A session with Tessa, our newest returning Pro, and find out why she considers Pro Athlete home.

When did you first start at Pro Athlete?

Tessa: I first started back in 2012 as a Seasonal Warehouse Associate. I worked in the distribution center packing and shipping bats and gloves.

How did you find out about Pro Athlete?

Tessa: My parents told me I had to find a job after college and so I was looking for basketball coaching jobs and because Pro Athlete has a basketball court it came up in the search results on Craigslist.

What did you think when you first walked around the Pro Athlete office?

Tessa: I was fresh of out college, I was trying to figure out what I was going to do, and walking around Pro Athlete and the facility just felt like home.

Why did you leave?

Tessa: I left for a new job, I moved out of state to pursue another opportunity, and it seemed like a great opportunity and it was. But it wasn't home.

I missed Pro Athlete. I missed Kansas City and so, I mean, I came back. I obviously came back to Pro Athlete for a reason.

What’s your favorite perk?

Tessa: Honestly, I enjoy the overall sports environment. As a former athlete, just being able to walk around seeing the Sport Court, the weight room, all of the amenities. It doesn’t feel like, “work.”

What makes Pro Athlete feel like home?

Tessa: The people. Honestly, our administration, Scott (the owner), they’re all so great. They make it so easy to feel like we’re part of the family. And because of that, it doesn't seem like work.

Once a Pro, Always a Pro!