Super Bowl Ushers in Busy Season at Pro Athlete, Inc.

Super Bowl Sunday is a lot of things to a lot of people. Food, drinks, commercials, halftime show, the culmination of a long football season and many more. It’s all those things to Pro Athlete employees, but it’s also the event that ushers out football and ushers in the start of the baseball season.

Around here we call it our busy season and we are always very excited when it comes around each year. It marks the beginning of the season where we can help put a bat or glove in the hands of kids all around the country. We all remember the excitement that we experienced when we were kids when baseball season was upon us. For most people, that feeling unfortunately goes away as you grow up and get away from the game. For those who work at Pro Athlete, we get to relive that joy from our childhood in a new found way that brings about the same type of excitement.

Thanks to all our amazing customers out there, our business starts to pick up around this time and employees around here start taking their games to another level to provide amazing customer service. It’s really a great time to be here.

A lot of hard work goes into the slow season in terms of projects. We use that time to improve in any areas we were lacking in the season before. It’s very similar to the life of a baseball player. You might take time during the offseason to develop a new pitch or change your stance. We aren’t too different with our approach here. In the end it’s all about giving our customers the chance to make life-long memories with the bat or glove we send them. If we can do that consistently, we feel like we’ve hit a home run.

If this is a place you want to work, you might as well start learning now that the Super Bowl is awesome, but the real fun starts the next day!

Here’s to an awesome busy season for our employees and customers!