New Logo Has “Core” Meaning for Pro Athlete

After having a logo for a while, sometimes you just want to update it because you feel like it. There might not be anything wrong with the current one, but a fresh look just feels right.

That was the case for us when we enlisted the help of our good friends at Dimensional Innovations (DI) a few months ago. (They are an amazing company, by the way). We asked them to design us a new logo, but what we received was so much more.

At Pro Athlete, we love to have deep meanings on everything we do, and we also love to be able to tell stories about those things. DI knew that about us from previous work they had done. On the first round of options, they came back to us with five or six logos to consider. While they were all good, one logo stood out because of the story behind it.

The logo had a home plate incorporated into it, but it wasn’t just any old home plate. This plate contained 12 lines in it that represented our 12 Core Values. We were blown away by the creativity and deeper meaning that DI put into our logo. We instantly knew that was the one we wanted. After a few rounds of minor tweaks and color options, we agreed to our new and improved logo.

We want to say thank you to DI for delivering an amazing product for our company.

So, let’s check it out already. 

Below you will see our logo package consisting of four logo variations.