“Hangin’ Loose” With Raving Fans

If someone started telling you a story and it began with “two pastors walk into Pro Athlete,” you might think they were about to tell you a joke. Well, this blog post is going to talk about two pastors that walked into our office and how their visit left an everlasting impression on our company and our employees.

The pastors were Keven and Gordon from California and Hawaii respectively. The guys were in town for a work conference, and Keven was apparently a JustBats.com (a Pro Athlete brand) super fan.

Keven had purchased bats from JustBats.com for years and loved getting routine emails with new product releases or deals on bats. His son is 16 years old and had been playing baseball competitively for a long time. On paper, he was the ideal customer for our organization. In turned out he was much more than that.

On Tuesday of this week, Keven flew into Kansas City from California, and as the plane was about to land at the airport in Kansas City, he looked out his window and saw a familiar logo. On the rooftop in big bold letters and as clear as day was the JustBats.com logo that he was so familiar with. He had bought bats from JustBats for years and never knew what city their headquarters was located.

As he continued his work trip, he found himself with some time before his next engagement, and he decided he wanted to see where JustBats was located. He grabbed his friend Gordon, and they went to the facility. They were welcomed inside and what would happen over the course of the next few hours will go down in Pro Athlete history.

Keven and Gordon turned out to be two of the coolest and most thankful people to grace the Pro Athlete halls. They were like kids in a candy store as the small posse of tour guides assembled to escort them around the building. The protein shakes, a game of ping pong against a Pro Athlete employee, pictures with the Gold Glove Award and apparel made them feel at home. And they made us feel at home too.

As cool as the tour was for Keven and Gordon, it was Pro Athlete that really won on that day. The employees who got to interact with Keven and Gordon were reminded just how impactful their work can be for people all around the country.

As an e-commerce company, it’s rare to get the chance to meet a loyal fan in person. Today, Pro Athlete was given that chance, and for that we will forever be indebted to Keven and Gordon.

Yesterday will go down as one of the coolest days in our history. Someone actually saw the JustBats logo we put on the roof a couple of years ago. We never thought that was going to happen. Then to get the chance to meet two great people who were fans of ours was priceless. From all of us at Pro Athlete, we wanted to say thank you to Keven and Gordon. We too will forever be fans of yours!