Perk Profile: Safe-Ride Program

If you know our company, you know that we obsess over customer service. That isn’t just for our customers who are buying our bats and gloves, but also for our business partners, our lenders, and our employees. That dedication to treating our employees like royalty is why we implemented our Safe-Ride Program nearly 10 years ago.


We want to make sure our employees are safe if they are spending time out on the town. If an employee is out-and-about and doesn’t feel like they should be driving because they have had one too many drinks, Pro Athlete will pay for that employee to get to their final destination safely. Before ride-sharing apps, employees could take a cab and just bring in a receipt the next business day, and they would be refunded immediately for the ride.

Now, with Uber and other ridesharing apps, we just provide each employee access to our Uber Business account. It’s as simple as requesting an Uber and just choosing the Pro Athlete profile over your personal one. We have no limit on how often you can use it. The only rule is that it’s not to be used to bounce from place to place; it’s meant to get you to your final destination safely. The first thing a lot of people will ask us when they hear about this perk is “how do you keep employees from taking advantage of it?” First of all, we hire for culture first, and part of that is hiring people that are thankful. Secondly, we have spent years creating what we like to call an Empowerment Culture. Mainly, provide resources and allow employees creative freedom and great things will happen. In turn, nobody takes advantage of that empowerment. We might be singing a different tune if an employee tries to take an Uber from Chicago back to KC after a late night out or something!