Was That A Ballpark Inside Union Station?


Local businesses came together this past Wednesday for the annual KC Chamber Small Business Showcase inside of the historic Union Station. Around 80 Kansas City companies took part in the event that drew a large crowd of local professionals who wanted to learn more about the participating companies.

Pro Athlete, Inc. was honored to be considered alongside all of these amazing companies. When we were trying to decide what our booth should look like, it was pretty clear to our team that if the point of the booth was to give people a look inside your company, then we needed to build a ballpark. From turf, to foul poles and everything in between, we created a mini stadium that we called BeaPro Park. We did this in honor of our first website, www.beapro.com. One of the big things that caught the eyes of those walking around was our “Crown Vision.” Crown Vision was a tv system that showcased a welcome message to all who entered BeaPro Park and it also displayed some of our company statistics.

Being a baseball company, we felt that it was only right that one of our giveaways would be tickets to a Kansas City Royals game. So, we offered up four Diamond Club tickets in a drawing. We did another drawing that we believe was the best one we have done to date. In honor of our company charity program, where we give each employee $1,500 every year to donate to the charity, or charities, of their choice, we decided to do that same thing for one lucky winner. To the name that was drawn, we agreed to donate $1,500 to a charity of the winner’s choice.

It was a great experience to see so many awesome companies and people from the Kansas City area come together to celebrate small businesses. Union Station was an excellent location for the event and the KC Chamber staff knocked it out of the park (pun intended). We can’t thank the staff enough for their work on everything that went into this fun and exciting event.