New Toy is a “Hit” for Pro Athlete Employees

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take batting practice at your favorite major league ballpark? Imagine trying to hit a ball into the Kauffman Stadium fountains or over the Green Monster at Fenway Park or maybe into the B&O Warehouse in right field at Camden Yards. With the help of our newest toy, HitTrax, now you can.

HitTrax has sensors that measure swing speed, ball exit speed, and many other things during each and every swing you take in our cage. It also allows you to put yourself inside any ballpark and it will show the path that your ball is taking after you hit it. Another cool feature for all of us washed up hitters, is the ability to bring the fences in closer to home plate at any of these ballparks, so you ensure you knock it out of the park.

Since rolling out HitTrax, our employees have been spending more time in the cage perfecting their swings in anticipation of our September company baseball game. And while HitTrax is a fun toy, it is also a very valuable tool for any serious baseball player looking to improve their swing. The data that it captures from each swing is very valuable for making adjustments.

We want to thank the team over at HitTrax for providing us with an awesome new toy.