Ballpark Bistro Expands Open Patio Area

At Pro Athlete, we’re all about striving to continually innovate. We’re always innovating our practices, our perks, benefits, and even our facility to better cater to the needs of our employees.

For years we have had an outdoor space next to our cafeteria, which we call Ballpark Bistro. Employees would go to eat lunch in this area when the weather was nice. We had a few tables and chairs that rarely accommodated the number of people that wanted to be outside.

This past year, we decided to upgrade the space to allow for more use. We doubled the square footage and increased the number of seats. We added new tables, chairs, a bar ledge, and a new sunshade to make the space feel like a real patio you would see at a restaurant. Soon, we'll be adding a TV and a new speaker system. This space should get a lot of use when the weather is nice here in Kansas City.

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