Pro Athlete honors local veterans over the Memorial Day holiday

In honor of the Memorial Day holiday last week, we extended the invitation to a special Kansas City organization, War Horses for Veterans, for an impromptu trip to our facility. As a small token of our gratitude for all they have done, we wanted to host them for a special tour and lunch in their honor. We were so grateful that War Horses for Veterans agreed.

War Horses for Veterans is a local organization that provides veterans with a three-day equine and networking experience. Using horses to heal, this special organization creates a safe and relaxing space for our country’s veterans.

With the help of co-founder Patrick Benson, we hosted 15 veterans in total. We started their visit with a tour of our facility. Several of our employees led our guests throughout the building, answering any questions they had. After the extensive tour, Chef Nathan hosted them in our Ballpark Bistro for a lemon baked cod and risotto lunch. Veterans and employees were able to meet and mingle.

The most impactful part of their visit was after lunch when everyone (and we mean everyone) headed up to 6-4-3 for a presentation from the veterans. As a company, we made the executive decision to briefly shut down our operations. We felt that the opportunity to listen to the stories and experiences of local veterans was important enough to have every employee present.

We want to thank our friends from War Horses for Veterans for taking the time to visit us last Friday.

We’re always looking for ways that our employees can give time and/or money to local charities in need as part of our Embrace Stewardship core value.