Pro Athlete Teams Up with Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters

Whether AM or PM, our Crown Coffee Shop always has freshly brewed coffee and cold brew on tap ready to give our employees and guests a boost. Right at the entrance of our building, it provides a gathering place for morning chit chat and after lunch brainstorming. Because of the popularity of the space, we decided to partner with a pretty cool roastery who has mastered the art of “coffee done right.” We are proud to announce our partnership with Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters.


If you aren’t familiar, Thou Mayest is a local coffee roasting company located in the Crossroads Art District. Started in 2012 by friends Bo Nelson and Bill Holzhueter, Thou Mayest has exploded onto the coffee scene creating bold coffee and providing one of the coolest coffee shops this side of the Mississippi. They follow the motto “take fun seriously” and let their coffee do the talking.


In preparation for this partnership, Bo and Bill invited some of our most avid coffee drinkers to their spot for some product tasting. Employees were able to sample each roast, learn flavor profiles and take in the vibe of Thou Mayest with both co-founders leading the way. With it’s comfy and cool atmosphere, we were able to see why it’s such a popular hangout spot. Our employees left the visit with an excitement for the partnership and a slight caffeine buzz.

We are so lucky that Kansas City is home to so many entrepreneurial and innovative companies. Companies like Thou Mayest inspire and motivate us (as well as keep us caffeinated) and we are thankful to work with them. The next time you visit, be sure to grab a cup of joe from our Crown Coffee Shop and enjoy!