Speaker Series Recap: Hari Om Hemp


We pride ourselves on creating a university setting and believe that if our company is growing and learning, our employees should be too! Because of this, we strive to provide top-notch resources to our employees in order to promote continuous education. With that goal in mind, we bring you our Speaker Series! Within the series, we connect our employees with impactful people and missions in order to get them feeling motivated both mentally and physically. 

Our Speaker Series consists of three main topic areas:


Inspirational and motivational topics.


Various charitable organizations around our community who bring awareness to their causes and provide our employees with new ideas and ways to get involved.


Health and wellness professionals who talk about the latest and greatest trends in the health world.

We saw a familiar face at our most recent Speaker Series. One of our most coveted Alumni, Dustin Carr and his wife Leigh Carr, met with us to discuss the benefits of CBD and their new business: Hari Om Hemp.


Hari Om Hemp was founded on the belief in alternative and holistic therapies.  While we strive to educate on the benefits of CBD we are not just any other CBD company.  At Hari Om Hemp our goal is to promote better overall health and wellness as a whole, mind, body, and spirit using an all natural and holistic approach.  We want to help people on their journey to health and wellness as a whole.

The presentation sparked a variety of questions at the end in which the presenters did a great job answering. Throughout their speech, we learned a lot of new information about CBD, its origin, and how to properly use the product.

Here are our top 5 CBD takeaways:

  1. We have an entire system designed for cannabinoid consumption. This means taking CBD can keep that system level.

  2. CBD has over 20,000 different studies published on its benefits.

  3. Some of the main things CBD has been shown to help with are:

    1. Anti-inflammatory

    2. Stress

    3. Anti-anxiety

    4. Antidepressant

  4. Methods of Administration

    1. Sublingual: directly under the tongue

    2. Topical: lotions, creams, balms

    3. Soaking: bath bombs and epsom salts

    4. Edible: oral consumption

    5. Vaping: short-lived relief

  5. CBD has made headway in mainstream acceptance and even in professional and major sports events and leagues.

At Pro Athlete, Inc., we look at employee departures as "we'll see you later," rather than "goodbye." We remain committed and loyal to our employees long after their careers have taken them elsewhere. 

It was so fun having Dustin back in the building and we wish nothing but the best for him, his wife, and their Hari Om Hemp business. 

Learn more about CBD and shop their products here: https://hariomhemp.com/

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