Pro Athlete Announces JustBats Field as the New Home For the T-Bones

JustBats Field at T-Bones Stadium

Pro Athlete Makes Announcement With Professional Baseball Team Kansas City T-Bones

KANSAS CITY, Kan.—Pro Athlete Inc. has announced an agreement to partner with the Kansas City T-Bones. As part of this agreement, the T-Bones will now play ball at JustBats Field at T-Bones Stadium.  

For the past 15 years, CommunityAmerica held the naming rights, however, their agreement concluded earlier in the year. As a result, an opportunity presented itself for Pro Athlete Inc., a Kansas City-based, baseball-centered, company to partner with the team.

“There’s just something special about professional baseball being played at a place called JustBats Field. It’s just so cool! We’re really excited for our customers, employees, alumni members, and partners to be involved with this partnership with the T-Bones,” said Andrew Dowis CEO of Pro Athlete. “We can’t thank the T-Bones enough for the opportunity to align with another organization that shares so many common values with us and really puts an emphasis on fun. That alignment made this an amazing opportunity for our organization, the T-Bones organization and for Kansas City!”

The T-Bones appear to share the same level of excitement as they can now conclude their search for a new field sponsor. 


“We’re especially proud to partner with a company that we admire, who shares our culture, and who happens to operate within our industry,” said T-Bones president Adam Ehlert.  “We can chalk this up as a ‘W’ for both companies and for our fans.”

This is not the first time Pro Athlete Inc. has partnered with the T-Bones. Annually, a “Pro Athlete Day” is conducted at the stadium. Employees from Pro Athlete Inc. are allowed to take batting practice, use the locker rooms, and ultimately play a baseball game on the field they now hold the naming rights to.


As for the T-Bones, they have called Kansas City home since 2003. They currently play in the Independent League and have sold 16 player contracts to MLB teams since the beginning of 2018, and 46 all-time. They continue to draw very well by their league’s standards, averaging roughly a quarter of a million in attendance each season.

The T-Bones won their second championship in 2018 and have been named the Organization of the Year four times.